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By nature, Comfy Joey fabrics will display the color variations, loose threads, and tiny slubs and snags characteristic of natural fibers. These variations should in no way be considered flaws or defects, as they serve to enhance the fabric's unique beauty. Please view the detailed description of each sling for recommendations on weight limits.

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Comfy Joey is proud to present its Limited Edition Toddler-Width Silk Collection. These luxurious ring slings are made in the USA with the versatile CJ Hybrid Shoulder, which allows wearers to spread the sling fabric wide to hug the shoulder, virtually eliminating pressure points, or gather the shoulder fabric narrowly, maximizing freedom of movement for the ring-side arm with very little bulk. We have tested the CJ Hybrid Shoulder with wearers of different builds, and we think you will love it.

Comfy Joey's Toddler-Width Silk Slings feature the NEW Toddler-Width CJ-HybridTM Shoulder

The Comfy Joey Sizing Table applies to our pouches, for which a perfect fit is critical to comfort and safety. For ring slings, which are designed to be adjustable, size is essentially a matter of how how long you prefer your sling tail.

All our measurements are taken on unthreaded slings, from the top of the sling to the bottom of the tail. Sizes go up in 5-inch increments, so X-Small slings are 68" long, Small slings are 73 inches long, Mediums are 78 inches long, Larges are 83 inches long, and X-Larges are 88 inches long.

If you are between sizes and prefer a longer sling, please size up. If you prefer a shorter sling, please size down.

**Please contact us if you have questions about sizing prior to placing an order. We do not accept returns or exchanges for Ring Slings**

Please click here to download the printable instructional booklet for Comfy Joey Ring Slings

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Tuscaloosa *RAW SILK*
Tuscaloosa *RAW SILK*
$92.50 $47.50
$72.50 $47.50