Cleopatra *HAND-DYED SILK*
Cleopatra *HAND-DYED SILK*
Cleopatra *HAND-DYED SILK*
Cleopatra *HAND-DYED SILK*
Striking, alluring, and dangerous to cross (well, not really, but it can be uncomfortable if the fabric gets twisted), the silk twill of this sling has a beautiful drape and sumptuous give, perfect for your royal babe. Hand-dyed bronze by Vanessa of Luminescence, the dyed fibers and the fabricís natural golden cross-threads shimmer like a desert garden and the filigree of your jewelry. You may elect for medium SlingRings in bronze for a totally sun-kissed look or silver for a bit of contrast.
The new wide-width CJ Hybrid shoulder used in this sling handles the 36 inch width graciously, allowing the shoulder to be spread to cup the shoulder but pillowing when scrunched up to free the arm. Easy to adjust and thread, this sling is appropriate for wearers of all experience levels and its gentle give makes it perfectly cozy for newborns though not ideal for long-term toddler-wearing.

Care: When this sling needs rejuvenation, bathe it gently in the cool waters of the Nile (or your washing machine)  and drape it across the back of your chaise to dry.

Shoulder: Toddler Width CJ-HybridTM Shoulder  
Care: Cold Wash/Air Dry  
Fabric: A Single-Layer of 100% Silk  Twill
Rings: Medium Bronze/Silver SlingRings  
Use: Birth to 25 pounds

**To maximize user comfort given the supportiveness of this fabric, we recommend using these slings from birth to 25 pounds, although they can be used safely with babies of up to 30 pounds.**

Your Cleopatra will be custom-made, so please specify length and select a ring color when ordering.

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